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Communicating geosciences is vital for fostering public understanding and appreciation of our planet. Our resource helps geoscientists and educators effectively convey complex concepts, engage audiences, and inspire future generations. Discover the power of compelling communication with our rigorously tested prompt library.

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    1. Welcome

    1. Section 1. Content Ideas, Generation, and Engagement

    2. Section 2: Collaboration, Networking, and Events

    3. Section 3: Research Promotion, Education, and Outreach

    4. Section 4: Analytics, Improvement, and Challenges

    5. Section 5: Cross-disciplinary Collaboration and Public Involvement

    6. Section 6: Advocacy and Raising Awareness

    7. Section 7: Personal Branding and Professional Development

    8. Section 8: Ethics and Responsible Use of Social Media

    9. Section 9: Social Media and Geoscience Education

    10. Section 10: Future Trends and Opportunities

    1. Section 1: Geologizing Objects

    2. Section 2: Geologizing Processes

    3. Section 3: Geologizing Events

    4. Section 4: Geologizing Places

    5. Section 5: Geologizing Everyday Life

    6. Section 6: Geologizing the Future

    1. Section 1: Identifying and Addressing Misinformation

    2. Section 2: Education, Collaboration, and Advocacy

    3. Section 3: Ethics, Challenges, and Building a Supportive Community

    1. Section 1: Hands-on Activities for Primary School Students

    2. Section 2: Engaging Lessons for Secondary School Students

    3. Section 3: Multimedia Resources for Primary and Secondary School Outreach

    4. Section 4: Connecting Geoscience to Everyday Life for School Outreach

    5. Section 5: Classroom management and learner diversity


    2. Section 1: Building Relationships and Cultural Understanding

    3. Section 2: Collaboration and Co-Management

    4. Section 3: Capacity Building and Education

    5. Section 4: Ethical Considerations and Consent

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Some examples of output using our prompt library

User substitute text within [square brackets]

  • Generate [1] unexpected connection[s] between society and geology.

    Volcanic ash, formed during volcanic eruptions, has unique exfoliating and purifying properties. It has been used in cosmetic products, like facial masks and scrubs, promoting healthy skin.

  • Suggest a fun, interactive activity to teach primary school students about [the rock cycle].

    Title: "Rock Cycle Relay Race"
    Objective: Teach primary school students about the rock cycle in a fun and interactive way
    ChatGPT provides materials needed and complete game instructions

  • Write some short highly engaging captions for [Instagram] about my [volcano] video.

    "Volcanoes: where nature's fury meets stunning beauty!"
    "From fiery eruptions to mesmerizing landscapes - brace yourself for the explosive world of volcanoes!"

    + eight more ideas.

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