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Who is this course for?

Anyone involved in the geosciences who is interested in increasing their engagement on social media. Whether you represent a institution or are a passionate individual, there are a wealth of practical, easy to implement techniques and strategies that will turbo boost your online reach.

What's in the lesson?

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or Twitter. Which best suits you to make the impact you want? A thorough and authoritative lesson on social media strategies in the geosciences.

  • Choosing your goals and target audience.

  • Evaluating the best platform to be on to fulfil YOUR objectives.

  • Best practice to enhance engagement and reach.

  • How to audit your social media profile to find out what your audience wants to see.

  • Making videos that engage and reach.

  • How to go professional and make social media profitable.

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Some questions we get asked a lot.

  • What is the teaching method?

    The lesson always includes at least one practical activity in the middle or near the end. There are often assignments (not compulsory) and quizzes to test for understanding of essential elements.

  • How long will it take me to do the course?

    You can work through the course at your own pace. However, if you wished to work on the course intensely, completing the work as required, you could probably finish in around 3 hours.

  • Is there a certificate available at the end?

    Absolutely. Upon completion of the course (the main video lessons are compulsory elements).

Bonus material

Included in your purchase...

  • Professor Iain Stewart

    Worth $20

    Geologize's Dr. Haydon Mort chats with Prof. Iain Stewart about a range of topics related to geocommunication. Topics range from COVID-19, reaching the masses and the future of geoscience communication.

  • Paywall Webinars

    Worth $35

    Two paywall webinars designed specifically for the resources sector, including social media advise for industry.

  • Extra Resources

    Additional resources on public speaking and conflict resolution.