But your difficulties don't stop there...

  • Public Perception

    Because the public is often hostile to mining, companies face an uphill battle to conduct outreach with the next generation and communities impacted by their activities.

  • Authenticty

    Companies find it difficult to appear authentic to the public as they are not individuals. Content designed to educate appears as whitewashed.

  • Reputation

    Companies would like to let their employees engage the public on social media but have concerns about mistakes that could damage their corporate image.

The Geologize Creator Funding Program

Boost the mining industry by investing in geo-influencers reaching 100+ million people. Transform public opinion, unlock potential, and secure your company's long-term success. No commitments. No risk.

What your funding means

Many geoscience content creators with hundreds of thousands of followers give up on social media due to lack of funding and burn out.

That's a real shame because these creators have an authenticity, reach and engagement that industry can only dream of!

Your support can ensure this doesn't happen anymore by allowing content creators to grow in reach and influence. It also supports new and promising creators starting out on social media.

  • Help provide content creators with a stable income that doesn't stop if life gets in the way.

  • Educate the public about geology, the geosciences and the energy transition without being a corporate mouthpiece.

  • Have a constant and growing stream of viral geo-educational content that reaches millions of people in key demographics.

  • Satisfy your company's ESG responsibilities by funding a program that is for the common good and enhances public understanding.

  • Drive interest in geoscience and mining in ways that begin to unblock the talent pipeline.

  • Receive monthly engagement reports to see the impact of your backing.

Get in Touch

You've probably got a lot of questions. Be sure to view the FAQs below.
If you have any follow up questions or are interested in contributing to the Creator Fund, please arrange a call by clicking here...


We get asked these a lot...

  • Will my company's reputation be protected?

    Yes, your company's reputation will be protected.

    We maintain a strict anonymity policy for our financial backers, ensuring no risk of backlash from the public. Your company's name or logo will not be associated with the content creators.

  • How can we be sure that the content creators are producing high-quality, engaging content that is effectively shifting public opinion?

    Geologize vets content creators thoroughly to ensure they produce high-quality, engaging content. We also monitor their engagement statistics regularly and provide these reports to our financial backers to measure success.

  • What is the return on investment (ROI) for our company in the short and long term? How can we measure the success of our contributions?

    The ROI for your company may not be immediate or directly tangible, but in the medium to long term, you will benefit from a more informed public, increased interest in the geosciences, and a better understanding of the importance of mining.

    It is also important that your company understands that it is contributing to a common good and this an essential part of most companies ESG strategy.

  • How transparent is the vetting process for content creators? Can we be confident that they align with our company values and maintain high ethical standards?

    Our vetting process for content creators is comprehensive, and we ensure they align with the high ethical standards of our program. We also have them sign an agreement outlining acceptable behavior and the consequences for violating the terms of involvement.

    If you'd like more information on the vetting process, please get in touch.

  • Will there be any direct association between our company and the content creators? Will our company logo or name be displayed on their content or profiles?

    There will be no direct association between your company and the content creators. Your company logo or name will not be displayed on their content or profiles.

  • How does Geologize handle potential controversies or issues that may arise with content creators, such as misinformation or inappropriate content?

    Geologize actively monitors content creators for potential controversies or issues. If any arise, we address them promptly and take appropriate action, including suspension or termination of funding if necessary.

  • What happens if a content creator decides to stop producing content or takes a break?

    Your company will be contributing to a pool of money for many content creators. If one content creator stops producing content or takes a break, your funds remain in the funding pool and we ensure your contributions continue to make an impact in the field.

    At the same time, because content creation is often a full-time job, creators are permitted 10 days of sick leave, a one-month-a-year social media holiday and maternity/paternity leave. Your funding allows this to happen so that creators don't quit social media because life gets in the way.

  • Can we suggest creators that we think would be beneficial to our industry?

    While we appreciate your suggestions, Geologize ultimately selects content creators based on our vetting process and criteria. However, we always welcome feedback and input from our financial backers.

  • Can we adjust our level of financial support over time, or are we locked into a specific commitment for a set period?

    There are commitments for your company. Your funds are a donation to Geologize for the explicit purposes of funding content creators.

    This allows you to contribute according to your company's needs and priorities. It can be a one-off or regular payment.