Raise your hand if any of these apply to you...

  • Financial concerns

    You worry if what you are doing isn't something that will pay the bills and lead to a financially sustainable future. This can impact your creativity and health.

  • Imposter Syndrome

    You feel anxiety because industrial or academic geoscientists who are more qualified than you don't value public outreach on social media.

  • Sponsorship Concerns

    You are wary of accepting sponsorship from third parties in case of a poor brand reputation that could damage your standing on social media.

Creator Funding Benefits

We understand that geoscience content creation is a full-time job. Many creators give up because they can't make ends meet or life gets in the way.

What you're doing is too important to let that happen.

  • A monthly stipend of up to $2500, with deductions only if you earn more than $5000 per month.

  • Still get fully paid if you are sick, go on maternity/paternity leave + 28 days paid social media holiday per year.

  • You remain anonymous to the program's backers and retain full editorial control over your output.

  • Bonus payments for viral content and outstanding engagement on social media.

  • Free access to Geologize counselling, mentoring, advice, content ideas and to our critically acclaimed platform, Practical Geocommunication.

Apply Today

Geologize Content Creator Funding offers you a stable income, a clean conscience, and the ability to grow your influence on social media and beyond. By joining our program, you can focus on your passion for educating and inspiring others about the wonders of geoscience without financial stress or compromising your reputation.


We asked these questions a lot...

  • I have another job. Can I still apply?

    Yes. Although a 0.5 cent per dollar reduction is applied to people who earn more than $5,000 per month (including the program's stipend).

  • How often do I need to post on social media?

    Geologize will be monitoring your monthly engagement data, not your posting frequency.

    We understand that great engaging content takes time to research and put together. You will be rewarded for outstandingly high engagement.

  • Am I free to seek sponsorship from elsewhere whilst I'm receiving the program's stipend?

    Yes, absolutely.

    But the monthly earning cap still applies, after which point your stipend would fall steadily.

  • I live outside the USA and don't want to receive in USD. Also, can the content be in other languages?

    We will payout your stipend in the currency of your choosing.

    Because the cost of living varies from country to country, the monthly stipend is adjusted according to your location. The same is true for the monthly earnings limit ($5000 for the USA).

    Content in your language:
    Yes! This program is open to all peoples and all languages. People worldwide need to be educated and feel closer to the planet. So we fund creators from everywhere!

  • What criteria does Geologize use to vet companies who contribute to the program?

    Companies cannot contribute to the funding pool if...

    • They have any type of negligence claims over the past 10 years.
    • Their current CEO/director has made any socially insensitive comments whilst in post.
    • They are subject to any ongoing litigation.
    • There have made any out-of-court settlements over the past 10 years.
    • There is a poor gender balance on their executive board.

  • Will the financial backers of the program know anything about me?

    Unless you specifically request otherwise or give explicit permission, you will remain anonymous to the program's backers. The only information they will receive (monthly) will be:

    • Your follower count (to the nearest 10,000)
    • Your engagement rate
    • Your reach
    • Any other data you feel is important

    Companies are supplied with this information so they can monitor the impact of their support.
  • What kind of companies contribute to the creator funding program and why do they do it?

    Most companies are from the mining industry and - as previously stated - are rigorously vetted for their ESG credentials.

    Mining companies are facing serious challenges. These include:

    • A poor public perception and understanding of what they do and their role in the energy transition.
    • A severe crisis in the talent pipeline, which means many companies don't have the human resources to take on new projects.

    By educating the public en masse about geology and geoscience (not about mining) they believe that people will come to a greater appreciation of their relationship with the natural world and how mining has an essential role in the energy transition.

    They also believe it will enhance geology's image and lead to more students choosing the subject at university and this will help unblock the industry's talent pipeline.
  • I have environmental concerns about mining. Can I still apply for funding?

    Of course! It's only responsible to have environmental concerns about mining.

    If you successfully apply, you retain full control of your content creation. If you believe that something needs to be called out in the mining industry, this is entirely up to you. You do not have to produce content that is favourable to the sector.

    Of course, if you are against mining in all situations out of principle, we would not encourage you to apply.

  • What things can I not do as a creator on the program?

    The following would terminate your involvement in the program:

    • Excessive swearing
    • Violence or endorsing violence
    • Vulgarity
    • Xeno- homo- or transphobic remarks
    • Misogynistic/sexist comments
    • Nudity
    • Knowingly spreading misinformation and false rumours